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Delphi is one of the most popular archeological sites in Greece, with beautiful natural surroundings. It is the ideal destination for your winter vacations.
Ιn Delphi there was the oracle of Apollo, who through Pythia, was predicting the future of the persons who were seeking his advice. Μost of the historical events where related to those predictions.

You may also visit the museum of Delphi which is next to the archeological site. There you will see some of the most popular statues, such as the one of the Heniokhos (Charioteer of Delphi), which is the only one found from the ancient times where the eyes are still colored.


1. After Delphi, you may go to Arachova, a village close to Delphi, where you will enjoy the countryside, the Greek hospitality as well as the finest Greek cuisine.
2. If you are visiting Delphi and Arachova during the winter, you may also spend some hours hiking or skiing in the close by ski center of Mount of Parnassus.

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